Release anxiety & stress – 5 minute meditation on self-compassion

One of my passions is leading people through meditation. I am honored to be present as they let go of what is weighing them down and experience more peace & well-being. I know how hard it is to meditate on your own. The monkey-mind is so active, and many people feel deeply discouraged when they try to be still.

I also know that time is a precious commodity, this meditation is SHORT!! It is about 5 minutes long, so you can practice as often as you like.

This meditation recording came out of a need for me to offer loving support to my clients when I couldn’t be with them. After a wonderful session, sometimes clients would go home and lose touch with the feelings of self-compassion that came out of our time together. It is my experience that any lasting life change must be based on self-compassion. When we try to push or punish ourselves through change, we are working with tension, rather than flow.

When do you know it’s time for self-compassion? When you find yourself  feeling unmotivated, when you have ongoing pain or tension in your body, feeling disconnected from loved ones, or just feeling stuck. Maybe you need to reconnect with your heart and feelings of love and joy.

Self-compassion allows you to learn how to talk to yourself in ways that help you feel motivated & energetic. We learn that self-blame and judgment is a very ineffective way to make change. We would never talk to our best friend in ways that we speak to ourselves, because we have an intrinsic knowing that our words would do more harm than good. Try this meditation and see what changes for you. Do it when you feel like you are on a treadmill of worry, felling rushed, stuck in a particular mindset, or just needing a boost of happiness. I promise you that it will create meaningful shifts in your way of relating to yourself and loved ones. Let me know how it goes for you! If you want to create a meditation just for you, based on your unique goals and desires, drop me a line!

Recording courtesy of Jodi Lewis at

Music composed by Rachel Kierra

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