Kind Thoughts Journal

This simple journal page will help you identify loving & kind thoughts when you are stuck in of self beat up, feelings of overwhelm and guilt. We often feel completely powerless when it comes to our thoughts. We try to stop them, push them away, or argue with them.

One powerful way to begin to feel more peaceful, is to start to notice that there are indeed, also loving thoughts available to us at all times, in addition to the harsh and guilty ones. The saying “what you put attention on, grows” applies to thoughts as well.

How to use this:

Use this tool whenever you notice you feel:  angry, guilty, inadequate, like you are spinning your wheels, or upset with something you have done/not done. A good cue to these feelings is tension in your body, fast, racing thoughts, or a fight/flight/freeze feeling.

  1. Jot down the thoughts you notice e.g.“Im not doing anything well”,  “I will never get this”, “other people handle life better than me”, “I am a bad mother”,” I should be able to handle this”, “other people see how flawed my performance is”, “I should be embarrassed”, “I failed again” etc. Over time, you get to know the words your inner critic uses.
  2. In the next column, write the most loving, kind & encouraging thought you can identify in this moment. You might even think about what you would say to a good friend.

Keep in mind….

  • It’s ok not to believe the new thought. In time, you will!
  • you aren’t making the harsh or guilty thoughts go away,but  simply tuning into additional thoughts available to you
  • your inner voice will affect how you parent and relate to others. Being kind starts with you.
  • Practice, practice , practice.

Ready? Download the journal page below!

Kind thoughts journal page

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