Information for Sleep Consultants on Coaching

As a sleep consultant, you might encounter clients who don’t seem settled in their sleep decisions. Maybe you sense an underlying worry or anxiety, that you can’t seem to support a client with. They may have nagging worries about their baby’s well-being, or might become so hyper-focused on sleep learning, that they have lost the ability to connect with their baby or their own instincts.

As a coach who works exclusively new moms, I can help moms feel clearer and more confident about how they are supporting their baby. I help clients find strategies to overcome the constant second guessing, worry, and stress that comes with parenting decisions. You help clients with a sleep strategy, and I can help them find ways to feel like a good, more confident mother, along the way.

How to refer clients:

You can complete the form below (with client consent) or send them the link to my page on “Coaching for new moms working on sleep learning”



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