Guided Audio Meditation For Sleep!

Guided Audio Meditation For Sleep Free

Guided Audio Meditation For Sleep FreeAs a coach, often women come to me, feeling exhausted mentally and physically. We work with the underlying cause of the sleep disturbance, but sometimes, we just need something to help our brains shut off!

This unique meditation is designed especially for times when it’s hard for you to let go and get some rest. Whether you worry about being woken up soon, or you are unable to calm your mind after a challenging day, this meditation will help you let go.

This meditation is especially helpful for…

….moms who are unable to fall asleep because they worry that babies/children will wake them shortly or worry that they will be too tired to function the next day

…..other professionals such as midwives, health care practitioners etc. who need to be able to fall asleep easily in between “calls” or while they are awaiting a client’s call

…..feeling at peace with your day. Especially after a challenging day where you are re-playing over certain events

…..sinking into your body when your brain can’t seem to shut off

Please enjoy!  Want the MP3 version? Just drop me a line

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