Meditation is hard for me too! At times it is a refuge from the stress of my busy mind – the repetitive worries, to-dos & self-talk. Sometimes I am lucky, and grace finds its way into my mind, and I feel a profound sense of peace and acceptance. Other times, I wonder if I am “doing it right” – whatever that means.

My meditation practice is a reflection of my relationship to life. But I persist. I continue to find ways to integrate mindful self-awareness in my daily life. Sometimes it’s a formal practice. Other days, my practice is stopping to take a full breath in and out while I wash dishes.

These free meditations are an offering to you and your family. I hope they bring you peace, and release, and in the case of the sleep meditations...blissful nights of rest!

self compassion meditation

Self-Compassion Meditation

This meditation recording came out of a need for me to offer loving support to my clients when I couldn't be with them. It is my experience that any lasting life change must be based on self-compassion. When we try to push or punish ourselves through change, we are working with tension, rather than flow.

sleep meditation

Sleep Meditation

As a coach, often women come to me, feeling exhausted mentally and physically. This unique meditation is designed especially for times when it’s hard for you to let go and get some rest. Whether you worry about being woken up soon, or you are unable to calm your mind after a challenging day, this meditation will help you let go.

sleep meditation for kids


Kids have busy minds too! A day full of activities, feelings, and interactions can make it hard to settle down and sleep! This special meditation is suitable for children of all ages. It is full of lots of slow breathing, yawning, and slllloooooowwwww turtle metaphors. Plus, yawning and slow breathing are contagious…

meditations nelia deamaral


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