Finding Peace & Patience When Things Are a “Work in Progress”

When I am faced with an “unchangeable” or “slow to change” life situation, I ask myself “Can I be at peace with this?”…”How can I be at peace with this?” I can’t tell you how often this simple letting go has helped me loosen the grip on life, just long enough to see the miracles unfolding in front of me.

Peacefulness is a skill, which means you can cultivate it with practice!
What difference would it make in our life if you were a little more peaceful?
Who would benefit the most?

It seems that we are always “in between” places. When we are waiting, hoping, wishing for something to improve, there is a trap we can fall into. The trap of “I will be happy later”. We are taught that we can feel joy, appreciation, love when things are “good”. Honestly, how often is your life “good”? Everyday is full of challenges, small and big.

Chances are that you are working on something really important to you right now. Maybe you are hoping to change a work situation, maybe your relationship is in a rough patch, maybe you are working on getting more fit or healthy. It’s only human to feel frustrated we see the difference between where we are and where we want to be. Our minds are linear, and see things as a beginning, middle and end. Life is not!

You are probably doing more than you realize to work towards your goal or heart’s desire.

The 3 pillars of peacefulness & patience while things are in progress…

1. What’s working

2. What’s next

3. Returning to, or staying patient and peaceful in the moment!


What are you currently working on improving in your life?  What are your best hopes for this situation?


1. What’s Working:

What’s working, even a little? Notice small movements towards your goal: What have you already done (please especially note the small things too)? What would a loved one say is different since you started to work on this issue?

Appreciating your journey: If you were to look at progress as if you are riding up a hill, where are you? (close to the top, coasting down, just starting) . Take a look back to where you have come from, what has helped you get to where you are so far? Is this something you would like to do more of?


2. “WHAT’S NEXT” (and nothing more):

Often we get too focused on planning every step of our journey. Not only is this overwhelming, but it prevents us from adapting our plan as we go. Knowing what your best hopes are for this situation, and knowing what you have already done, what is the very next small step for you? Is there anything that might prevent you from doing this? If so, list 3 people or strategies that will help you overcome that obstacle.


3. How to stay (or get back to) patience. Being present with “What IS”.

The tradition of yoga studies the science of breath, and each phase of breath helps us cope with different life challenges. When we are “in between” it is very helpful to focus on the tiny pause at the top of your in breath, and the bottom of your out breath. In this tiny pause, there is a split second of complete peace. You can melt into this. This simple 1 minute meditation can be used anytime you find yourself getting caught up in forcing, frustration or trying too hard! Here is a direct link to the meditation on my facebook page .

I wish you all the best with your goals and intentions. I hope this information is helpful…let me know! Want more support to get started, keep the momentum going or surpass what you even imagined was possible? Book a free discovery call to explore how I can help or get started with your first session now!

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