We all need a little something to get through life.

These online courses and meditations have been lovingly created to help you with everything from anxiety, stress, sleep, increasing well-being and more.

If you feel unmotivated and exhausted as 2021 unfolds, this course is especially for you.  Care for yourself with six weeks of skilled guidance to nourish and inspire. 

Learn to use meditation to transform how you relate to life’s challenges. Explore ways to take your meditation practice into your daily life. Six weekly lessons including a new MP3 guided meditation and journal page with guided questions.

"Love yourself especially when you are lost. Even when you don’t know what to do, take one small step."

- Pam England

Nelia DeAmaral Registered Psychotherapist

with Nelia DeAmaral

My role as a psychotherapist is to help you move through life with greater courage, clarity & compassion.

My practice includes individual counselling, online courses and training for professionals. My work creates a warm, focused space, where self-compassion & personal growth can occur.

Nelia DeAmaral