Guided Audio Meditation For Sleep!

Guided Audio Meditation For Sleep Free

This unique meditation is designed especially for times when it’s hard for you to let go and get some rest. Whether you worry about being woken up soon, or you are unable to calm your mind after a challenging day, this meditation will help you let go.

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Information for Sleep Consultants on Coaching

As a sleep consultant, you might encounter clients who don’t seem settled in their sleep decisions. Maybe you sense an underlying worry or anxiety, that you can’t seem to support a client with. They may have nagging worries about their baby’s well-being, or might become so hyper-focused on sleep learning, that they have lost the…

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“Inadequate Mom” Anxiety

“I believed strongly in attachment parenting. I was young mom, I was caring, attentive and spent lots of time reflecting on my parenting (and by “reflecting”, I really mean second guessing)”

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What to Pack for the Hospital

Your Hospital Bag Checklist: Packing Your Hospital Bag for labour It’s a good idea to have a labour bag packed and ready to go a 3-4 weeks before your due date. Labour can begin at any time! Hospital Bag checklist for mom: Here is a good list of things to bring. Keep in mind, that…

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Prenatal & Postpartum Anxiety Symptom checklist

Every woman experiences anxiety differently and to varying degrees, but here are some common ways women describe how anxiety feels:

The Anxiety Treadmill: “I’m always thinking about something and my mind goes off on tangents. Before I know it, I feel anxious and out of control. Then I feel exhausted from all of the adrenaline”

Anger and Frustration: “I find myself getting angry at little things. My patience is almost non-existent”

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Preparing for childbirth: What is your Birth Legacy?

birth and postpartum yoga doula milton mississauga

If you are asking yourself how to prepare for childbirth, I applaud you! Your question is the beginning of your quest to uncover what you need to give birth with love and confidence. This question is universal, but everyone’s answers are unique to them. Google cannot answer this question for you! We begin our quest by…

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