Emerging Mothers Words of Wisdom and Encouragement

Emerging Mothers Words of Wisdom and Encouragement

Take in these loving words of wisdom and encouragement from the moms who participated in the 2014 Emerging Mothers Groups!

Prenatal & Postpartum Anxiety Symptom checklist

postpartum anxiety

Every woman experiences anxiety differently and to varying degrees, but here are some common ways women describe how anxiety feels:

The Anxiety Treadmill: “I’m always thinking about something and my mind goes off on tangents. Before I know it, I feel anxious and out of control. Then I feel exhausted from all of the adrenaline”

Anger and Frustration: “I find myself getting angry at little things. My patience is almost non-existent”

Mothering From Within: Beyond attachment parenting, sleep training etc

Series with a Caucasian mother and father playing indoors with a new baby, around 2 months.

As a coach for pregnancy and early motherhood, (as well as a fellow mom), many of my conversations revolve around the many choices we need to make as we care for our children. Often there is no clear choice, or the information is so overwhelming that it can be hard to know what to do.

Preparing for childbirth: What is your Birth Legacy?

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If you are asking yourself how to prepare for childbirth, I applaud you! Your question is the beginning of your quest to uncover what you need to give birth with love and confidence. This question is universal, but everyone’s answers are unique to them. Google cannot answer this question for you! We begin our quest by…

Anxiety in Early Pregnancy

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Early pregnancy is often the most stressful time of a pregnancy. Many women find that their anxiety is highest during the first trimester. It’s no surprise because early pregnancy presents a major life change, your hormones change dramatically and you become physically exhausted.

What is best for my baby?Making Choices as a New and Expectant Mother

What is best for my baby?Making Choices as a New and Expectant Mother

When we make choices as new mothers, if can feel as if we are entering the “Information Forest” – we might feel lost, scared and overwhelmed. There are so many things to watch for, consider, and weigh out. We are often told to “trust out instincts”, but what does that mean, exactly? Where do our…

Having The Best Possible Cesarean Birth

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I believe it is important to know what to expect in any birth process. Many people don’t even consider a cesarean as a possibility, but it can make a big difference to prepare mind and body for this possible experience.

Signs of Labor

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How do you know if it’s the real thing?

What are the signs of labor? Many expectant families aren’t sure if they are experiencing “real” labor or if it’s just something they ate!