Feeling stuck on the worry treadmill? Find your “anxiety antidote”

anxiety antidote for women

Is there a problem in your life that you just can’t seem to let go of, even though you have tried? Something that your partner or family think you “make a big deal of”? A situation you are worried about that is robbing you of joy in the moment? Uncover your “anxiety antidote” to begin to feel more peaceful.

My Holiday Letter To You


There have been many changes in my life this year, and I wanted to share what is in my heart with you all.

“Motivation Fatigue”: When trying harder isn’t an option for you

burn out in women

Some of you may have heard of terms such as “compassion fatigue” or “decision fatigue”. Those are very real forms of exhaustion that come from overusing a particular skill. I recently realized that most of my clients come to me with what I will call “motivation fatigue”. It is a place where you feel like…

Guided Audio Meditation For Sleep!

Guided Audio Meditation For Sleep Free

This unique meditation is designed especially for times when it’s hard for you to let go and get some rest. Whether you worry about being woken up soon, or you are unable to calm your mind after a challenging day, this meditation will help you let go.

Calming the Mind: Meditation with your baby!


New moms often feel like their minds are spinning in circles. What should I be doing? What does my baby need?  Many people will tell you to “just listen to your baby” , but how? It can feel impossible sometimes to settle the many thoughts in our minds to be able to tune in to our babies.…

Release anxiety & stress – 5 minute meditation on self-compassion

self-compassion meditation

One of my passions is leading people through meditation. I am honored to be present as they let go of what is weighing them down and experience more peace & well-being. I know how hard it is to meditate on your own. The monkey-mind is so active, and many people feel deeply discouraged when they…

A Mind-Reading Guide for New Fathers: What your partner really wants & how to give it to her

new dad

As a father, I’ve had many moments when my wife looked at me in shock or upset, when I didn’t anticipate something that she needed. So what’s a partner to do?

How to help your relationship survive a new baby: A Postpartum Plan for Couples

postpartum plan worksheet

Many couples spend lots of time preparing for birth, but a postpartum plan can help couples explore their needs, hopes and wishes even before baby arrives!   Most people will agree that postpartum can bring tremendous challenges to a relationship. It can be hard to know what to talk about in advance to make that transition easier. Below are some…