My 2017 Holiday Letter to You!…and a special gift!


This letter one of my favourite things to write! This year, I also created a “Year End Self-Reflection” sheet to write your own letter to yourself (or to share with others). This process of reflection is powerful, and helps us grow by seeing where we have come from and what our best hopes are for the future.…

4 Questions to improve communication with your partner

Young couple in conflict shouting isolated on white background

Couples sometimes find themselves in a communication pattern that keeps them in their “comfort zones” such as with drawl or a perpetual state of pursuing their partner. Learn 4 simple questions to for improving communication & closeness (instead of blaming or fixing each other) Focus on concrete, observable behaviours, instead of vague/unspoken demands or criticisms.

MOM guilt: 5 “Good Mom” rules I had to break to be a “better mom”

how to overcome mom guilt

Mom Guilt: 5 “good mom” rules I had to break to be a better mom.

Beyond Pedicures & Netflix: Creating a “Self-Care mindset” for Mothers

self care

Self-care can feel like another thing to do, especially for busy mothers. It’s is more than just slicing a tiny sliver of time in your already overflowing life. It’s a mindset that helps us overcome feelings of guilt, worry, & unworthiness.

Finding Peace & Patience When Things Are a “Work in Progress”

Finding Peace & Patience When Things Are a “Work in Progress”

Chances are that you are working on something really important to you right now. It can be easy to lose focus & inspiration. This worksheet will help you move forward with your goals & intentions, while cultivating a peaceful & patience mindset.

Parenting as a team: Questions to help couples feel like allies instead of enemies!

It’s easy for couples to get stuck in the “room-mate zone” or the “bitter and withdrawn” mode. Sometimes we feel alone. Parenting is hard. It’s only natural to have challenges, especially when parenting can be so demanding. These simple questions inquiry will help you feel more connected and on the same team.

Anxiety Recovery Story – Guest Post from a Postpartum Client

Postpartum anxiety recovery stories

None of us heals in a bubble. We need to hear stories to know that others have survived ordeals we might be facing. Reach one mom’s story in healing from anxiety and read her personal “progress inventory”

Finding self-love from under the pile of shoulds


“Tell the mind to be quiet, and follow the longing of the heart.” Ross Laing (MD, retired) As many of you know, I am on a sabbatical of sorts. I have whittled my schedule down to about half of what I was doing before. During this time, I have seen how much I have confused…