Coronavirus Anxiety Support

covid anxiety resources

It’s ok to feel anxious. You are not alone. It’s natural to worry about the unknown. Looking for extra support? JOIN ONE OF MY ONLINE CLASSES There are lots of supports available to help you cope with anxiety during this pandemic. I’ve assembled them here so you don’t have to scroll through anxiety provoking material…

How to heal from “People Pleasing”

how to overcome mom guilt

“People pleasers” are often wonderfully kind, empathic and attuned human beings. However, when we overuse these skills, we can feel lost, stretched thin, and anxious. When we engage in “people pleasing” we merge with the needs/wishes/desires of others, at the cost of our own well being, in order to feel safer. Learn to feel more secure, confident and happier when relating to others.

Why you might not want to come for a session…

Why you might not want to come for a session…

It’s true, most people wait until they are really struggling to call me, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, sometimes, there is a hesitation or procrastination, that stops people from reaching out sooner. I often ask clients what made them reach out now, and what stopped them from calling sooner? Here are the reasons I hear the…

Kind Thoughts Journal

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We often feel completely powerless when it comes to our thoughts. We try to stop them, push them away, or argue with them. This journal page will help you feel more balanced & joyful, in the face of life’s challenges.

How to Take Responsibility for Mistakes, without the beat up


Women often fear that being kind to themselves will make them less competent, less responsible and weak. learn self-talk statements & strategies that help “ease up on the beat up”, while learning from our mistakes:

Quieting the Inner Critic

how to tame the inner critic with self compassion

We all have an inner critic that makes us second guess ourselves. The critic questions the value of what we do, picks at the smallest things, makes us feel unworthy, anxious or sometimes obsessive. It compares us to others or to an impossible ideal. No human can ever meet the impossible standards the critic imposes. We know this logically, but how do we…

How to Keep Promises to Yourself


When we decide to make a promise to ourselves, everything else can seem more important or even more interesting. Maybe the guilt monster takes over! Unfortunately, it can be so tempting to get stuck in a pattern of dropping our needs – it becomes easier to just give up over time. Learn how to keep your important promises to yourself.

2017 Year End Self-Reflection “Printable”!

2017 Year End Self-Reflection “Printable”!

Write your responses here or download the year end self reflection PDF !