Balanced Motherhood:What to do when you can’t do it all

Sometimes we feel: scattered, overwhelmed, happy, angry, resentful, guilty.

Somewhere along the line, we were told that we could do it all…whatever that is. Even worse, maybe we were told we SHOULD do it all!

Along came baby. Now “doing it all” means something totally different, and perhaps something totally impossible, even mythical!

Being a new mother is like learning to ride a unicycle.

Sometimes, trying to stay balanced is hugely stressful – like spinning plates and hoping one doesn’t drop.

Real balance is  fluid. It is about readjusting so you don’t fall, just like the unicycle. So sometimes you have to go to one side a lot more for a little while, then back again. If you try to stay perfectly in the centre, you will create lots of tension, and likely loose your balance altogether!

One of the biggest frustrations in motherhood (especially the early days) is that balance cannot be sought outside ourselves because our lives are so unpredictable. Plans need to change, moment by moment. Even our bodies have to constantly shift and adjust to make baby more comfortable.

When we can’t find external balance, we can work to find it inside. Connect with a calm centre that allows you to stay present with the many demands and changes.

Day to day, it can help to have reminders to reduce those feelings of guilt. Below is a resource  for all fellow moms based on the many challenges we work with. Or you can print your own here: Words of Wisdom for Balancing Life in Early Motherhood. Print it out, and put it on the fridge. Hand out copies to friends. Ask your partner to read them to you over a cup of tea. Enjoy!



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