Coaching with Soul: Connect with Universal Wisdom, Angels & Loving Guides

Soul Coaching  is an intuitive, mindful & practical  way  to access your clarity and joy.  Grow & heal  with skillful and compassionate mentoring.

Your soul coaching session is a heart-opening, situation-clarifying hour.

This page will help you understand what to expect and some common questions about Soul Coaching.

What can you expect in our session?

We sit together and begin with a small dedication or meditation. We open to feeling fully present in the moment, to better connect with our inner knowing. From the time we begin, all aspects of the session have a deeper meaning.

Sessions are filled with laughter, sometimes tears, a sense of feeling connected to what’s most real and important. Most people leave feeling restored and refreshed. The angels will guide us to what you need to know, and what is for your highest good at this time – even if your everyday mind wants to think it’s not important or relevant. Angels take us to the deepest truth about a situation or experience, often beyond what we were able to perceive. This is a truly awesome and powerful experience.

I have been the blessed recipient of your angel card reading on numerous occasions and it ALWAYS adds insight and deep understanding to the conversation . Wendy

Sessions are engaging, intuitive and interactive. In the session, we lovingly explore thoughts, nudges, sensations and emotions to help you connect to clarity and joy. I bring several decks of angel cards, and we will consult the images and words as guided to during our time together. The interpretation of the cards is based on intuition and inspiration, not on what a generic guidebook might tell us! The types and number of cards are never predetermined. I often pull cards at different times in our session as guided by our conversation and intuition.

Many times there are some practical steps to take after the session to keep momentum going. These will often make a lot of sense to you, and they might even be reminders of what you already know. It’s up to you whether you take the steps, or find another step that feels more true for you. Nothing is in stone. You will be loved no matter what.

You can ask about any situation you like – health, finances, relationship, parenting, general feelings, life purpose etc.

Here is a short video to describe how I know what to say, how to pick cards and a sneek peak at the cards I love

The card reading you did for me last year was wonderful. You truly have a gift for this! Anne

A Soul Coaching session is not….

Fortune telling or telling you what to do. Many of us can feel lost at different times of our lives, and seek advise from a higher power. This is natural. These sessions are more about helping you understand what is happening in your life now, why it might be happening (the meaning of the situation), and what needs to happen for you to experience what you deeply desire.

A bit about me…

I have been working in the field of counseling & coaching for over 20 years including positions in the corporate and non profit sector. I have a degree in Psychology and extensive training in counseling/coaching for life transitions, anxiety & depression. I also am a certified angel card reader by Doreen Virtue.I still offer mindful & solution-focused coaching/counseling as a service, but for those who are open and interested, I offer these Soul Coaching sessions which are a blend of the different skills and interests I have.

How, when and where are the sessions?

I have an office in Mississauga (north west area) and Milton. I also offer sessions by phone. Ready to connect? Book online , drop me an email at or call me 647-456-2229

How much does it cost?

Investment is $100 plus hst (in Canada).