Psychotherapy & Counselling Milton|Mississauga

Life has many demands on us women.  Sometimes it’s  hard to feel like we are enough. 

Most of us have a really good sense of when we “aren’t feeling like ourselves”. Maybe a life change, relationship challenge or overall stress has left you feeling lost or overwhelmed.

Sometimes we have a vague sense that something is missing, or we are too mentally or physically exhausted to make things better – but we know we need to . Maybe you have already tried everything, but you aren’t sure why you still feel this way. My unique approach counselling helps you figure out the changes you need to make to feel greater peace, joy & confidence. Gain access to insights & strengths that are unseen, unknown or forgotten! 

My unique approach…..

Each session is a creative blend of empathic listening, mindfulness, intuition, and practical strategies.  I help women gain wisdom & strength through life challenges such as stress, parenting overwhelm, and major transitions.I am a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Learn more about my approach & my commitment to you .I provide virtual and in-person counselling for women at all life stages.

Traditional psychotherapy can involve meeting for months or even years. My approach is different. We begin with a 4 week commitment to one another. In my experience, the 4 week structure allows us to work deeply, set intentions & measure growth. At the close of our initial 4 weeks together, we plan the best way forward. Together we decide if another 4 weeks is needed, or if we need to adapt our approach or structure to something more helpful. We will take a close look at our progress towards your best hopes and decide what our next step will be for you. Gain tools to apply anytime you need them. You will learn to check in with yourself and adapt your thinking and choices to create more of what you want and need.

My sessions are like a reset button. Our counselling session can help you turn difficult life experiences, thoughts and feelings into an opportunity for personal growth. 

We can work together to help you….

  • Create better more satisfying relationships with partner & children, even if they aren’t up for therapy
  • Connect to greater sense of well-being & peace, even if life is hard or overwhelming.
  • Move past old beliefs that you aren’t loveable, powerful, or good enough. Improve confidence & self-acceptance
  • Integrate body mind & spirit to feel a greater sense of trust & flow in your life
  • Learn to ask for what you want & know that you are worthy. Feel more comfortable accepting help & letting go of control
  • Change through love, self acceptance, healing
  • Find meaning in the challenges you are facing

It’s not always easy to reach out. How can I make it more comfortable for you to take a small step forward?  Let’s talk. Call me at 647-456-2229, email or book a free discovery call to ask all of your questions, and see if this is the right fit for you.