Mindful Coaching for Women

Live with true Compassion, Clarity & Courage

I believe that any “problem” you are struggling with has an elegant, creative & meaningful solution. I find that our struggles are often in fact a doorway to becoming a more whole person – leaving behind the behaviours & beliefs that no longer serve you, and picking up, or growing what is needed to create greater connectedness & joy in your life now.

The process begins with a simple question: What do you long for?

My coaching sessions help you:

  • Better manage the stresses of mothering & life.
  • Feel happier, more fulfilled & more “on top of things”
  • Set simple intentions & priorities that support your core needs
  • Become more present with yourself and loved ones
  • Build on your strengths & progress
  • Connect with your own intuitive guidance
  • Learn ways to feel more accepting of yourself, after all, we are all a work in progress

“I benefited a lot from just one session. Nelia really has a way of making me think about the root of the issues and giving me confidence to try a solution even if it fails. I’ve been asking myself the question “so what if it fails” to help myself take risks. Thank you again – I feel blessed to know you and have you as a resource and relaxed to know there are people out there doing the work that you do.”


Coaching Client

As women we carry the well-being of ourselves, as well as the well-being of our loved ones, and feel the pressure to “do it all, and do it well”. It isn’t a surprise that we can feel stuck, exhausted, disconnected & overwhelmed.


Coaching sessions typically last about an hour. Together we decide what the next step is, whether that means a little “homework” to practice creating new life habits, or maybe a gentle daily self-reflection practice.

You might be wondering, “but what do we actually do?” I am really practical too, so I appreciate that question! I make sure that you feel connected and supported, but I also want you to feel like you are making progress. Our sessions are a creative and personalized blend of mindfulness practices, self-awareness tools, and concrete solution-focused coaching. We can meet in person or over the phone.


If you are ready to jump in, let’s connect and book a time via my online schedule! A full session last up to 1.5 hours and you can expect to feel a greater sense of clarity and have something tangible to work with after we talk! I also follow up with an email with insights and resources from our session. Sessions take place in Milton, Mississauga or over the phone if you don’t live in this area. Investment is $100CAD plus hst / session.

Just because things feel hard, doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong. A loving, experienced & supportive presence can make all the difference. Let’s connect. Book a free intro call or if this approach speaks to you, or jump right in and book our first session.


Some of my coaching clients choose to incorporate guidance gathered through connecting with universal wisdom, angels & loving guides. Soul Coaching is an intuitive, mindful & practical way to access your clarity and joy.

What happens in a COACHING WITH SOUL session?
My Angel Card Reading sessions are engaging, intuitive and interactive. You can ask about any situation you like – health, finances, relationship, parenting, feelings, life purpose, etc.
Using several decks of angel cards, and we consult the images and words. I interpret the cards based on intuition and inspiration, not a generic guidebook! The types and number of cards are never predetermined. I often pull cards at different times in our session as guided by our conversation and intuition.

The angels will guide us to what you need to know, and what is for your highest good at this time – even if your everyday mind wants to think it’s not important or relevant. Angels take us to the deepest truth about a situation or experience, often beyond what we were able to perceive.