Phone Support & Virtual Support Coaching

All the support you need in the comfort of your home to feel more confident & joyful.

Virtual and Phone support for pregnancy and postpartumGetting support should be easy. Sometimes the reality of trying to get out of the house, or finding childcare, feels like too much with everything else you have to do. Some women just prefer to talk on the phone, sit in a comfy chair and reflect on our time together. This kind of care is very effective and supportive.

With virtual and phone coaching support we still explore all of the same tools to help you feel better; we’re simply sharing through a different format.

In addition to our phone session, we often connect via email. Many women find that email allows them to put their thoughts and feelings down as they come up. I normally respond within 24 hours, with some reflections, feedback, encouragement, or resources. Clients often will refer to these emails as life-lines, or reminders when they feel overwhelmed. If you are an introvert like me, you will find this kind of reflective, written support really helpful.


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Here’s what moms I’ve worked with have said about combining phone and email support:

“I would never have been able to have this great experience without the coaching via phone and via email. Motherhood can be so challenging and it’s hard to leave the house, especially having to be anywhere on time. Nelia’s support via phone was just like being in person, as she has this laser focus to know exactly how to help. Her ongoing email support allowed me to work through issues that may arise with her support at any time. Truly invaluable.

“I was so fortunate to have Nelia as my coach for helping me navigate motherhood. She helped me to view my anxiety in a helpful way and not feel so overwhelmed and scared. She truly allowed me to enjoy more of my time with my daughter and not to feel guilt, anxiety and stress I had been feeling.

“I can’t recommend Nelia highly enough. It was a gift that she was recommended to me. My self and family have truly been better off because of her coaching.”

“After finding out I was dealing with post partum depression and anxiety, it took some time to deal with what my next steps would be. When I found Nelia, I found that phone and email sessions were the way to go. I was able to stay home and not drag my baby out. It allowed me to email whenever I felt the need to talk about what has happening, often when I felt like an anxiety attack was happening, I would start emailing and It often takes your mind off of what’s happening and you start feeling better right away! I felt like I had 24/7 support, and not having to wait for an appt. The phone sessions were amazing! In the comfort of your own home. I would recommend this service to anyone! It truly made such a difference in my life and I owe that to Nelia! She is amazing!”