Finding Patience When Things Are a “Work in Progress”

Chances are that you are working on something really important to you right now. It can be easy to lose focus & inspiration. This worksheet will help you move forward with your goals & intentions, while cultivating a peaceful & patience mindset.

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Parenting as a team: Questions to help couples feel like allies instead of enemies!

It’s easy for couples to get stuck in the “room-mate zone” or the “bitter and withdrawn” mode. Sometimes we feel alone. Parenting is hard. It’s only natural to have challenges, especially when parenting can be so demanding. These simple questions inquiry will help you feel more connected and on the same team.

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Anxiety Recovery Story – Guest Post from a Postpartum Client

None of us heals in a bubble. We need to hear stories to know that others have survived ordeals we might be facing. Reach one mom’s story in healing from anxiety and read her personal “progress inventory”

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Finding self-love from under the pile of shoulds

“Tell the mind to be...
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Feeling stuck on the worry treadmill? Find your “anxiety antidote”

Is there a problem in your life that you just can’t seem to let go of, even though you have tried? Something that your partner or family think you “make a big deal of”? A situation you are worried about that is robbing you of joy in the moment? Uncover your “anxiety antidote” to begin to feel more peaceful.

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My Holiday Letter To You

There have been many changes in my life this year, and I wanted to share what is in my heart with you all.

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“Motivation Fatigue”: When trying harder isn’t an option for you

Some of you may have...
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Guided Audio Meditation For Sleep!

This unique meditation is designed especially for times when it’s hard for you to let go and get some rest. Whether you worry about being woken up soon, or you are unable to calm your mind after a challenging day, this meditation will help you let go.

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Calming the Mind: Meditation with your baby!

New moms often feel...
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Release anxiety & stress – 5 minute meditation on self-compassion

One of my passions is...
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A Mind-Reading Guide for New Fathers: What your partner really wants & how to give it to her

As a father, I’ve had many moments when my wife looked at me in shock or upset, when I didn’t anticipate something that she needed. So what’s a partner to do?

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How to help your relationship survive a new baby: A Postpartum Plan for Couples

Many couples spend lots...
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My role as a coach & mentor is to help you move through Motherhood & Life with greater  Courage, Clarity & Compassion

-Nelia DeAmaral


Calm Your Worries

Connect with Spirit

Make Connections

“Thank you, thank you for everything that you do. The love you have to give to new mothers and the incredible work you do to support women in this journey is so inspiring” – Dr.Liu, ND